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  • 6 Solutions for some small kitchen blues

    You might be opting to order burgers or pizza most nights and really haven’t tested the limits of your kitchen (and of course your culinary prowess). The kitchen has actually transformed from where we prepare our food to the hub where a lot of us hangout. We do everything from eating, to homework, to paying our bills in the kitchen.

    Expanding your kitchen is one way to increase the value of your property. During these difficult times, you need to pick the right ideas so you make most out of what you want to do with your kitchen. Here are some tips:

    Consider some space reconfigurations

    • Get rid of the table – Instead of a big dining table you can get a booth ala diner look which takes lesser space. You can also go for a countertop which can double as your family’s breakfast bar. See this for more information about Guarantor My Loan.

    • Utilize the dining room – If it will be more practical for your setup to get rid of the bar dividing the dining area from the kitchen then do so to have an everyday dining area.

    Maximize what space you have

    • You can free up some space on your walls so you can get more cabinets and storage space.
    • Sacrifice non-essential spaces like mudrooms or pantries so you can expand your kitchen. You can also make use of tucked away closets so everything will still be in order.

    Your goal is to give your kitchen that spacious feel which every member of your family can enjoy.